Welcome to the Ambassadors Foundation Fundraising Resource Center & Online Store

Purchase with a purpose.  We offer unique and carefully chosen products to help you achieve your fundraising goals while also supporting education and humanitarian efforts around the globe.  By pre-selling many of the items we offer, there is no risk to students.  Contact us for details.  When partnering with artisans and individuals in need who produce some of the products we sell, the Ambassadors Foundation always pays a fair price and frequently donates all or part of the funds raised from the sale of the item back to the community where it is produced. In situations where the funds are not sent back, 100% of the funds raised are then used to fund the Ambassadors Foundation's scholarships program to further education.  Find out more about us by visiting www.AmbassadorsGiving.org  We offer 50% or more discounts on many of our items for students who are using them to fundraise for their education or service endeavors.  Contact us for details.